"Brothers" Blu-ray Review + captures

Tobey Maguire & Jake Gyllenhaal, captures from "Brothers" (2009), directed by Jim Sheridan.

"Natalie Portman is given one of her more restrained adult roles here and can simply show us she can act again without being surrounded by toys, masked vigilantes and expensive CGI.Gyllenhaal has the less flashy role but excels with a character that needs to transition from an aimless troublemaker to a dependable brother-in-law and uncle with scenes between Tommy and Grace not always playing out as you expect - which makes Sam’s breakdown all the more effectively tense.
Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst as Peter Parker & Mary Jane in "Spiderman" saga.

That ‘Spider-man 4’ fell apart may not be a bad thing as I would rather see both Raimi and Maguire do other things…
Also notable is a strong performance by Shepard and particularly touching turns by the two young actresses playing the daughters. Like ‘The Hurt Locker’, ‘In the Valley of Elah’ and even this past weekend’s failure of “Green Zone’, audiences seem to inexplicably cold-shoulder great films that deal with the war assuming I guess that only one note is being played with these films.
Special Features start off with an audio commentary from director Jim Sheridan that’s a great listen and extremely informative with tidbits learned about everything from directing actors and the U2 song used to the differences between his film and the original Danish version.
Jake Gyllenhaal and Jim Sheridan: Film and Family (DVD Extra)

‘Jim Sheridan: Film and Family’ is a fifteen-minute featurette about his mostly family-driven pics and a look at how he works with actors and children. ‘Remade in the USA: How Brødre Became Brothers’ takes a look at the original film versus the remake. A high-def trailer rounds things out.

‘Brothers’ may have been overlooked this past fall, but you owe it to yourself to catch up with it. Great performances by all involved with Portman and Maguire showcasing some chops that I haven’t seen from them in years with Sheridan getting back on track after his odd 50-cent biopic misstep. Highly recommended".
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Ben Stiller & Greta Gerwig: unusual couple in "Greenberg"

Ben Stiller and Greta Gerwig attend the "Greenberg" Los Angeles after party at ArcLight Cinemas on March 18, 2010 in Hollywood.

CBSRedCarpet on CBS EyeMobile.com's coverage of the red carpet premiere of the dark comedy "Greenberg" starring Ben Stiller at the Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood on 3/18/10. Stars Ben Stiller, Greta Gerwig, Rhys Ifans & Brie Larson stop by the CBSRedCarpet mic to talk about Stiller's "Greenberg" character and how people like him are a constant mainstay in everyday Los Angeles. "Greenberg" from Focus Features in theaters 3/26/10.

Ben Stiller talks about his role in "Greenberg".

"Stiller plays the title character, Roger Greenberg, although the movie begins by focusing on another character. Florence Marr (Gerwig) works as a personal assistant to hotel developer Philip Greenberg and his family living in suburban LA. They're traveling abroad for awhile and ask her to keep an eye on their dog Mahler and their house, even though Philip's brother Roger will be staying there while they're gone.I found myself drawn into Greenberg. At times it seems terribly personal and intimate, those small awkward moments where you can't help but feel for these people, no matter how obnoxious or off-putting they may be. Roger attempts oral sex on Florence and flings himself at her almost desperately, as if he's trying to burrow back into the womb. Greta Gerwig plays Florence Marr in "Greenberg".

Florence is so self-effacing that she can't even remind Philip to pay her, and tries to downplay it when he realizes he's forgotten, despite the fact that she's obviously low on funds.
At a party Philip's teenage daughter throws at the house, Roger is the middle-aged guy trying to talk to the kids and coming off in a "you kids get off my lawn" way.
Ben Stiller is perfect for this role -- oddly enough, he looks like an

Ben Stiller - Poster of "Greenberg"Jesse Eisenberg in "Adventureland"

older Jesse Eisenberg at some angles, making me wonder if this is what would happen to Eisenberg's character in The Squid and the Whale as he started to approach middle age. Gerwig's character is more complex and mature than the Manic Pixie Dream Girl characters she's played in the films I mentioned above -- Florence is no rocket scientist, but she seems like a real person".
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Actress Greta Gerwig appears at the Apple Store Soho - Meet the Actors series on March 23, 2010 in New York City.

"Florence is 25 and adrift in her life; she semi-aspires to be a singer, but she's terrible at it, and her love life consists of impromptu sex with any guy who won't run away. ("I'm wearing kind of an ugly bra," she warns, when Roger inevitably takes his shot.) She's a schlumpy, disheveled mess, and Gerwig — the mumblecore queen, here radiating a unique star quality — makes her enormously endearing. Although Roger is a complete misanthrope ("Life is wasted on people"), some of his many peculiarities are inventively amusing. His attempt to throw a house party is predictably disastrous, in part because the finger foods he chooses to serve are Creamsicles and guacamole. And we know his attendance at another party — this one filled with 20-something drug enthusiasts — is doomed to go downhill when he inquires, "Is it okay to mix coke and Zoloft?"
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Cell phones, sexy calls, Scream 4

Jake Gyllenhaal gabs away on his cell phone outside the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on 20th June 2007.Anne Hathaway.Alicia Silverstone.Bijou Phillips.Amanda Seyfried.

Kristen Stewart leaving her home in Sherman Oaks, CA, on 23rd March 2010."Kristen Stewart left her home in Sherman Oaks, Calif. yesterday looking particularly happy, smiling as she chatted on the phone. The Runaways star fueled up her car and then reportedly made her way to Beverly Hills to check out some homes that are on the market with a friend! Maybe the Twilight starlet wants to invest in some new property with the large paychecks rolling in? However, Kristen told photogs that she, in fact, is not on the market for a new home". Source: celebritydaddy.com
The Twilight star gets into a car while distracted and on the phone which she mistook for her Mini Cooper.

Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart in "Panic Room".Lady Gaga in "Telephone video".Ellen Page as Hayley Stark in "Hard Candy" (2005).Emile Hirsch in "The Girl next door" (2004).Jesse Eisenberg in "Cursed" (2005).Alison Lohman in "Drag me to Hell" (2009).
Drew Barrymore in the opening scene of "Scream" (1996).
"Sydney has a lot more at stake. She begins getting terrorizing phone calls, and it would seem that she is the killers next target. After being attacked by the killer and trapping herself in her room, she calls 911. While waiting, her boyfriend Billy climbs through her window, like he did the night prior. This time a cell phone falls out of his jacket, and Sydney rushes away from him. Dewey was waiting just outside the front door, along with a few other members of the local police. He is placed in custody until Sydney receives another phone call, proving Billy's innocence". Source: www.moviesmademe.com

"Somebody get Captain Obvious on the phone, because today's "Scream 4" news has his name all over it. It all started last year, with the news that series creator Kevin Williamson would be returning to his script-flipping horror series with an all-new trilogy set after the events of the original three movies (i.e. not a reboot). Things moved quickly from there, as the Arquettes committed to reprise their roles, as did Neve Campbell (following some uncertainty), and Williamson revealed some of his plans for the follow-up". moviesblog.mtv.com

"Being released back in 1996 the film is of course quite dated these days and some aspects of the film are laughable, Courtney Cox's mobile phone for one! Yet this film over the years has never lost any credibility with audiences, so much so that they've even done a revival of it 10 years after Scream 3 which goes to show just how much of an impact this film left on audiences around the world". Source: www.dooyoo.co.uk

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New Moon DVD: "extended scene: meeting Laurent"

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE Set.

New Moon DVD: "extended scene: meeting laurent" starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

Jake Gyllenhaal, pretty cool doing that in Prince of Persia

“I look pretty cool doing that,” says the soft-spoken Californian actor when interviewed in Santa Monica.

“But what you don’t know is the behind-the-scenes goofs. My arm and shoulder muscles were so big that the chest plate I wore prevented me from reaching up to grab the arrows,” he says.

“There were many funny takes of me doing that and in the end, they literally had to cut wider arm holes in the chest plate,” he says with a laugh.
Gemma Arterton and Jake Gyllenhaal in "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" (2010) Visual Guide (Scans).

Set in the mystical land of sixth-century Persia, he reluctantly teams up with the mysterious Princess Tamina (Gemma Arterton) to prevent an ancient dagger from falling into the hands of evil nobleman Nizam (Ben Kingsley).
The dagger contains the Sands of Time, which can reverse time and allows its possessor to rule the world.
“I’ve always loved watching action-adventure films and dreamt of being one of those characters as a kid. You know, like Indiana Jones and the cool, swashbuckling Errol Flynn flicks,” he says.“When I read Prince, I saw a clear role for me. This guy is wry, gets to do lots of fun stuff and best of all, is ‘bad’ and funny,” says the 29-year-old actor, who was once considered for the roles of Spiderman and Batman.
Gyllenhaal now has his own action figure line.

“Yeah, it’s crazy,” he says, with a laugh.

“It’s interesting to note that although the film is inspired by the popular video game of the 1980s, the platform game itself was inspired by action films like Raiders Of The Lost Ark.”
“I’m a physical person by nature, I love being active,” says Gyllenhaal, who is an avid cyclist and kung fu exponent.

For the film he learned parkour, which sees the environment as a jungle gym obstacle course. It was founded by David Belle.

“The role was incredibly acrobatic,” says Gyllenhaal.
“There is a scene where my character runs along a wall, which seems impossible, but Belle made it happen. It’s one of my favourite scenes from the film,” says Gyllenhaal of the film which was shot in Morocco and at Pinewood Studios in Britain.

He says he does many of the stunts himself, including a 10.6-metre jump with wire work. “I wanted to do everything”, he says.

“Why sign up for a film like this if you’re not game for some real action?”
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