Holy Rollers poster

Ari Graynor, Danny A. Abeckaser, Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Bartha, casting of "Holy Rollers" directed by Kevin Asch.
"Cinematical has received this exclusive poster for the Sundance hit Holy Rollers, starring Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Bartha, Ari Graynor, Danny A. Abeckaser and Q-Tip.

Based on a true story, the film follows an Orthodox Jewish kid (Eisenberg) who's lured into the flashy-yet-dangerous world of Ecstasy dealing via a drug ring with ties to an Israeli drug cartel that uses Hasidic Jews to smuggle pills from Amsterdam to New York City. Essentially, if you bought Ecstacy in the late '90s and lived in or around New York City, there's a good chance it came from these folks -- their operation was that massive.
I really loved how director Kevin Asch captured the Hasidic community; the little details and care he put into it without overcrowding the film with unessential shots or scenes. He provided just enough to color the background and make it so we sympathize with Eisenberg's character while he questions everything he's ever known in the hopes of obtaining everything he's always wanted.Jesse Eisenberg with Justin Bartha at the premiere of "Holy Rollers" - Sundance Film Festival on 25th January 2010.

Plus, Justin Bartha absolutely steals every scene he's in as the older, ex-Orthodox Ecstacy mentor".
Source: www.cinematical.com

There’s a scene where Sam and Yosef are racing on the Brooklyn Bridge towards the camera in slow motion while instrumental music plays over. It’s a beautiful scene, and made me think, “This is the happiest moment in Sam Gold’s life.” Source: gordonandthewhale.com

Jesse Eisenberg emerges from his trailer on the set of
"The Social Network" on 30th January, 2010.

"While Eisenberg is currently working on the role of Facebook.com founder Mark Zuckerberg in “The Social Network”, Asch is already developing his next two films:
Kevin Asch, director of "Holy Rollers".

“Great Neck” will be about growing up in a materialistic world in Great Neck, Long Island; and “Kings Highway” will focus on the rise of the Israeli Mafia in New York City. Both are set in the late 1980’s".
Source: www.jewishjournal.com