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In "The Crazies", Sheriff Dutton (Timothy Olyphant) finds Rory walking onto the baseball field in the middle of the baseball season opener game. The Crazies is a science fiction, horror thriller, a remake of George A. Romero's 1973 film of the same name. Romero's original version of "The Crazies" revealed a social commentary on the Vietnam War's consequences.

Jesse Eisenberg as Columbus in "Zombieland" (2009).

Toby Sells is a make-up FX artist who has worked in both movies, "Zombieland" (2009) and "The Crazies" (2010).

Joan Jett, The Runaways's make-up chief and Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart (who falls in love with an undead vampire, Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen in "Twilight") worked with Jesse Eisenberg in "Adventureland" by Greg Mottola, and one of her latest challenges onscreen has been playing Joan Jett, leader of 70's all-female-band "The Runaways".

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning star in this music-fueled story of the ground-breaking, all girl, teenage rock band of the 1970s: The Runaways. In Theaters March 19th!

Cherie Currie, with her signature Bowie haircut, was The Runaways' lead singer. The band got a few hit songs and platinum albums, while touring around the world right before glam-rock and punk anticipated the 'stadium rock' that was widely accepted in the late 70's. David Bowie offered first extravagant stage performances, then rock with theatre and choreography over world tours. The Glass Spider tour, which began at the Stadion Feijenoord, Rotterdam, seen by three million people, was the culmination of his stadium concept.

The word stadium originates from the Greek word/mesure "stadion" (στάδιον). The oldest known stadium is in Olympia, Greece, where the Olympic Games were held since 776 BC.

Palladion: a statue of Pallas Athena believed to protect Troy, from Old French, from Latin Palladium, from Greek Palladion.

"The Runaways" Baseball T-Shirt.

In many cases, an American football stadium has been constructed adjacent to a baseball park. The Yankee Stadium was built on a triangular city block in The Bronx, New York City. This resulted in an assymetrical dimension. Before the modern design of football stadia in the United States, many baseball parks, including Fenway Park, the Polo Grounds, Wrigley Field, Tiger Stadium, Griffith Stadium, Forbes Field, Yankee Stadium, etc. were used by the American Football League.

Clip featuring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning arriving to Japan in "The Runaways".

In order to help a stadium maintenance, many American and European sports teams have sold the rights to the name of the facility. This trend began in the 1970s and corporate sponsors became the norm in the last decade. The Nippon Professional Baseball league of Japan, emulating the US system, named many of their teams after their parent corporations. This new trend in corporate naming is easily distinguishable from some of the older parks named Crosley Field, Wrigley Field, etc.
The Wrigley Field. Wrigley Field Tickets

It's named after William Wrigley Jr.'s chewing gum magnate. In 29th July 2008 the Wrigley Field hosted, for the first time in its history, a minor league game. Over 32,000 fans were present for the historic contest. The ballpark was featured in a scene in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" and in the opening scene of "The Break-up" starred by Jennifer Aniston.

The Masters Tickets: The legendary Augusta National is the result of a collaboration between Bobby Jones and golf Architect Alister MacKenzie. It's one of the most storied and exclusive golf clubs in the world. Founded by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts, designed by Alister MacKenzie on the site of a former indigo plantation, the club opened for play in January 1933. Since 1934 it has played host to the annual Masters Tournament, one of the four major championships in professional golf. It is currently ranked the number one course in Golf Digest's list of America's 100 greatest courses.

Fenway Park is one of the oldest ballparks in Major League Baseball, home of the Boston Red Sox. Fenway Park Tickets
Every Red Sox home game since May 15, 2003, has sold out; in 2008, the park sold out its 456th consecutive Red Sox game, breaking a Major League record. Beginning in 2006, the Red Sox have hosted the "Futures at Fenway" event, where two of their minor-league affiliates play a regular-season doubleheader. The most recent minor-league game held at Fenway had been the Eastern League All-Star Game in 1977. The 2007 game featured Lowell and the Portland Sea Dogs, with both teams winning. The 37-foot-high left-field wall at Fenway Park, known affectionately as the Green Monster, dates back to 1947. In honor of the famed wall, the Red Sox mascot is a furry green monster, named Wally.