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"People think Indians only want guns and knives ... Girl Indians want lipstick". – Edie Sedgwick 60's Celebrity Icon.

In the prophetic "Brave New World", Alpha’s and Beta’s are high class while Gamma’s Delta’s and Epsilon’s are low class and work at factory like places. The only culture that lives on is English. The citizens took a drug called soma and had sex casually. One of the main characters, Bernard was kind of a rebel from his society by not wanting to take soma and have sex with a different girl every night. And Lenina was the girl of Bernard’s fancy, who he wanted to be with, but Lenina agreed with the consumption of soma and having sex all the time. Bernard brings two savages John and Linda back home to England with him and instantly became a celebrity for reconditioning John. Since Bernard was becoming rather popular with everyone because of his new acquaintance, he now agreed with their ways of soma and casual sex.
Six out of eight magazines that were displayed near the checkout stand were celebrity gossip related tabloid magazines. Us weekly, Entertainment Weekly, Star, People, National Enquirer, all situated at the top of the row, while Time Magazine, Newsweek and a couple health related magazines held a place below. Gossip magazines are superior in sales. There’s a reason why the first photograph of Gwyneth Paltrow holding her newborn baby was sold to a dozen different magazines at $30,000 a piece, earning the photographer more than a quarter of a million dollars for one photo. Americans continue purchasing these magazines, the paparazzi will continue snapping photographs and the celebrities continue to cash in. These tabloids play the role of a drug, feeding societies cultural syndrome of celebrity infatuation.Kristen Stewart in Nylon magazine.

The passionate imaginary relationships through media and fantasy are a characteristic of contemporary American society.
Celebrity figures are precisely packaged through makeup, camera angles, airbrushing and film editing giving them godlike qualities that a human cannot maintain. A great deal of the young people in U.S. think very little about the future or present issues. This generation has lost sight of long terms goals and the idea that hard work pays off in the end. Instead, the people in this generation concern themselves mostly with what will bring immediate satisfaction and gratification. These new kind of slackers are infatuated with celebrity crushes and latest hollywood gossip too. In the Western world almost everyone of us has been educated to prefer painless fantasies over harmful reality. Everyone is crushing on somebody, some sartlet who is out of their leagues.
Lost of teenagers lay on her bed looking around at the vast array of Robert Pattinson posters or Twilight wallpaper collage covering her bedroom walls.Long imaginary conversations are held between them and a photograph of Edward Cullen. Daydreams of the day she meets him, dates him and eventually has his children take up a considerable fraction of her day. Long love letters are written to him and sent to his talent agency. Is her artificial love relationship any different from a relationship a 16 year old has with a real boyfriend? The intensity is definitely as strong as a real affair.Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in "Eclipse" (2010).

What strike us to give into these sort of relationships? Where does it all begin? With each new additional film she watches, her feelings are reinforced. His characters are constantly in the role of the hero & romancer. Robert Pattinson’s personality is now associated with these characters, and the positive feelings that his characters have brought her. A real relationship unfortunately consists of some negative features, while a fantasy relationship does not.
Krysten Ritter at Las Vegas premiere of 'She's Out of My League' on 10th March, 2010. She wore a Dolce & Gabbana dress, Rene Caovilla e sandals, a Jimmy Choo clutch and Tacori jewels.

As long as the media dedicates themselves to the glorification of the celebrity, the obsession will continue, expanding on shows as The Insider, Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, etc. and on abstinence syndrome if we try to cut down on one's intake suddenly. Stepping into the reality outside our Internet celebrity alerts for a few hours could be a major surprise seeing then when we see there is hardly an escape of it out there either.