Chewing gum with Jake Gyllenhaal at Oscars

"As a headline on Wrigley’s website reads: “This is your brain on gum.’’
Reese Witherspoon - "InStyle" Magazine MARCH 2010.
Today’s gum is more than something to chew. It’s a benefit-delivery system that can help smokers quit, blast a dose of caffeine to the tired, and provide antioxidants to the anti-aging obsessed.

The manufacturers like to tout studies claiming various benefits, but what some consider gum’s finest hour had less to do with science than with Hollywood. At the Academy Awards last week, millions watched as Sarah Jessica Parker, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Morgan Freeman paraded before the cameras while chomping on gum.
Guy Pearce with Cameron Diaz at Vanity Fair Oscar Party
on 7th March 2010.

Parker gushed to a TV reporter about her Fred Leighton jewels and her Chanel Couture gown, all the while chewing as if she were in the schoolyard. Inside the Kodak Theatre, gum’s starring role continued. Look, there’s Cameron Diaz chewing while applauding for honorary awards recipients Lauren Bacall and Roger Corman, and “Avatar’’ star Sam Worthington enjoying gum on the Oscar stage itself, while presenting an award".

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