Sold-out Arenas

"Brought together by charismatic weirdo/record producer Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon), the girls develop a "product" based on "women's libido" in place of women's lib.
Jett's unique blend of allure and threat, apathy and determination, gets a mumbling, hyper-naturalized take from Stewart—more Brando than Bella Swan. Dakota Fanning as Cherie Currie in "The Runaways".

Cherie spirals through drunken public meltdowns into the ultimate embarrassment: a straight job. This drowsy spell snaps when Jett is apparently struck by divine inspiration to cover "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" while jumping up and down on a bed in her panties".

The Runaways just barely scraped the bottom of the charts in the early fall of 1976, around the same time the band played their first gig at the legendary New York punk club CBGB's. However, when the Runaways mounted a tour of Japan in June of that year, they were greeted with sold-out arena gigs and rabidly enthusiastic audiences who didn't consider them a joke ("Cherry Bomb" had, in fact, topped the Japanese charts). ~Steve Huey, All Music Guide

"-There’s an important line in the film in which the Kim Fowley character says the band is not about women's lib, but is instead about "women’s libido."

-That wasn’t my line. That was a line a writer or adapter created. I had a similar sentiment, but that’s not a quote.
-What have you learned about constructing a band versus a band having to be an organic thing?

-There’s no difference. It’s all grind. Whether the guys farm themselves or you farm them or it happens like "American Idol", the public either buys it or they don’t. There’s nothing sacred about the process".

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Home of the 11-time Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings, Joe Louis Arena stands along the banks of the Detroit River.
The 20,058-seat arena is Detroit's largest indoor venue and regularly hosts exciting attractions, including professional sports, college hockey, concerts, ice shows, The Monster Ball Tour starring Lady Gaga, etc.

The Minskoff Theatre, which was designed by architectural firm Kahn and Jacobs, is on the third floor of One Astor Plaza. The theater was opened in 1973 and was designed in a modern style. It is perhaps best known to regular playgoers as the theater in the "wind tunnel", a nickname for the large walkway that connects 44th and 45th streets. One of the biggest musicals to open was Sunset Boulevard and more recently Dance of the Vampires. MINSKOFF THEATER TICKETS