Robert Pattinson talked on the red carpet about "Remember Me"

Robert Pattinson filming "Bel Ami" in London.

“There was something so powerful about it, when I first read the script,” Pattison told On The Red Carpet’s George Pennacchio (who was pretty under the weather at the time). “I didn’t want it to be compromised in any way… So I said anything I can do… if anyone tries to mess around with it, I want to do my bit to protect it.”

It turns out he’s pretty comfortable in the producer’s chair, “I’d love to do a film as a producer right from the beginning. I’m hoping to do that over the next few years.”
Robert Pattinson as Tyler in "Remember Me".

Pattinson also said he’s proud of the movie’s message, and how the ending makes the audience think.

“I don’t want to make something just for entertainment value,” he joked. “I don’t find myself very entertaining.”