"Today Show" MSNBC Interview to Ben Stiller "Greenberg"

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"Today Show" MSNBC Interview to Ben Stiller "Greenberg".

"The post-traumatic stress and economic desolation of 21st century America is filtered through the midlife crisis of Ben Stiller's troubled title character in Noah Baumbach's edgy romantic comedy, a cinematic argument that puts a premium on how we treat one another. There are plenty of laughs to be had--both easy and queasy--as Roger attempts to re-acclimate back to society after a stint in a New York mental hospital. Dedicated to nothing more than his the openly-disclosed purpose of "doing nothing", the medicated Roger Greenberg house-sits at his brother Phillip's (Chris Messina) comfortable Los Angeles home while he and his wife are vacationing in Vietnam--just because. Troubled by anxiety and afflicted with OCD, Roger slips into a romantic liaison with Phillip’s personal assistant Florence (uninhibitedly played by impressive newcomer Greta Gerwig, previously seen in "The House of the Devil"). Their awkward relationship serves as a sounding board for Roger's fears and seesawing emotional states. Greta Gerwig plays Florence, amateur singer in "Greenberg".

It also enables Florence, a force of nature whose self-deprecating needs set up a post-collapse thematic mantra she learned from her singing coach; "hurt people, hurt people." "Greenberg" is about people in so much pain that they can't help but lash out deploying uncontrolled defense mechanisms which belie personal truths they can barely articulate.
Noah Baumbach and Jennifer Jason Leig.

With “Greenberg” Baumbach and wife/co-story writer Jennifer Jason Leigh have tapped into America's chasm of disbelief.
"Greenberg" fearlessly stares into a social abyss that threatens to swallow up a country forced into doing nothing. Source: www.colesmithey.com