Kristen Stewart not only good friends with Pattinson

Dakota told ET about her feelings toward Kristen, saying, "She's definitely become one of my best friends and she's an amazing girl." The kind words circulated at Thursday night's Los Angeles premiere of 'The Runaways.' Cherie revealed that "my knees buckled" upon finding out Dakota would be portraying her in the film.

Kristen hoped she played an accurate account of Joan and was mentored by the rocker throughout the process. "There's only so much that you can get from photos and footage online, just stuff that you can dig up. To really capture someone's essence, it's nothing that you can ever claim," she said modestly. "Joan is literally fire and she's one of the most dynamic people that I've ever met...I could sort of hide behind her and play a rock star."

KStew endorses pics for her fans before leaving Archlight to Rock The Runaways After Party.

Kristen Stewart at "The Runaways" Press Conference.

Dakota Fanning at the premiere of "The Runaways"
on 11th March 2010.

-In The Runaways you kissed Dakota Fanning.

-“A natural and impulsive kiss, not a romantic one. In this movie I had to do more difficult things, like singing and playing. I played a woman which plays hard with a leather jacket like a man, but she is shy and vulnerable inside. The moment of the kiss was almost unobserved.”

-How was it, compared with kissing Robert Pattinson?

-“What have I to say? Rob has a bigger mouth,”
Kristen Stewart at 2010 Academy Awards (07.03.10)

-On Sunday, you were one of the presenter at the Oscars. Were you nervous?

-“A lot, but all calm down when I was on stage.”

-Let’s speak about Eclipse, the third movies of Twilight Saga…

-“I can’t wait to see the entire movie. In Eclipse, Bella practises learned lessons and she realizes there are different kind of love: if you give pain to people around you, you have to face this.”
Robert Pattinson on the cover of "Galaxie" magazine.

-Last question: do you want to clarify your relationship with Pattinson?

-“No. I can only say that with Twilight we all have become very close and what has been told about us end to debase our relationships.”

-So are you saying that you are only good friends?

“No, this is not what I have said”.

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