Robert Pattinson & Emllie De Ravin at the premiere of "Remember Me" in London

Robert Pattinson & Emllie De Ravin at the premiere of their new movie "Remember Me", London, 17 March 2010.

Robert Pattinson wore this Hermès fall 2010 suit at the Remember Me premiere.

Emilie de Ravin wore hobnailed high heels by Brian Atwood:
Brian Atwood high heels shoes.

Robert Pattinson talks about Edward Cullen and his other film projects at the Remember Me UK premiere in London's Leicester Square.

"Remember Me" turns out to be quietly charming and coarsely handsome, a sensitively observed story about young people in love seen through a keen eye for the unglamorous side of New York City that we don’t often see on film these days. (If Martin Scorsese had made this movie in 1977, it might look like this, splendidly sated with the dirty, cluttered, human city.) Czech poster of "Remember Me".

Its tale skips over all the clichés, except when it touches lightly upon them in order to gently laugh them away. So we have Aidan (Tate Ellington), the best friend and roommate of our hero, Tyler Hawkins (Pattinson: Little Ashes, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix), snarking in a half-joking, half-serious way about Tyler’s “brooding” and the “poetic crap” that renders him so attractive to women (it works as sly commentary on Pattinson’s Twilight appeal, too), which isn’t at all what draws in Ally (Emilie de Ravin: Lost, Public Enemies), his fellow student at NYU: she’s all but ready to dismiss him entirely before reluctantly agreeing to a date because, well, why not? He’s cute and funny and, well, why not?
Tyler has an ulterior motive, egged on by Aidan, for asking her out -- it’s something to do with her cop father (Chris Cooper: Where the Wild Things Are, Married Life) -- and though that will inevitably out itself once Tyler and Ally have actually fallen deeply love, newcomer Will Fetters’ screenplay manages to keep it feeling fresh even when it does come to pass. Director Allen Coulter avoids all sense of the shiny or the glossy or the phony with the romance: where most films about young love somehow manage to feel neither romantic nor sexy, Pattinson and de Ravin are so genuine that I fell in love with them as a couple. They’re sweetly adorable, never annoying or cloying. (I wish Coulter had reined in Pattinson’s one scene of unfortunate histrionics, had had the actor underplay instead of go big, because the rest of the film demonstrates how effective an actor and how appealing a screen presence he can be.)" Source:

Interviewed by SKY NEWS on the red carpet of the LONDON Remember Me premiere.

"Pattinson, 23, joked that he may not be suitable for the secret agent role because he was "not very good at running".
In Remember Me, the actor plays a rebellious young man who meets a woman who then helps him heal after a family tragedy".