Arlon technologies

A wide array of application for thermoplastics are being implemented on telecommunications equipment, microwaveable packaging, appliances, and specialty uses.

Arlon retains its industry leadership position by focusing solely on providing the highest quality silicone compounds, substrates, and laminates.

These polymers are used to construct chassis of cars and struts as they have the very good ability to withstand corrosion and heat. They are mostly used in food packaging and microwaves because they are resistant to oils and are thermally stable.
Production of laminates and moldings normally with the help of thermosets resins.
This useful substance quality cannot be deteriorating by ethers, hydrocarbons, esters, kerosene and alcohols. Machine works excel by it. Mechanical durability is superb and is non-contaminating.
Its extensive use is on medical tubing, flexible cables, on magnetic wires, on insulating films, spacecraft, etc.
Arlon materials include adhesive coated cut graphics and digitally printable cast and calendered vinyl films, foils, etc. used in a broad range of industrial and commercial products, so they will be in demand and will increase in coming years.

Arlon capabilities:

NASA-listed low outgassing silicone rubber adhesive that passes ASTM E-595 with no special processing

• Highly electrically conductive silicones