"Until the final, few frames of the trailer, Taylor Lautner keeps his shirt on while Robert Pattinson looks like he’s trying to keep from getting sick all over the flighty Kristen Stewart. Some of you may see this lack of skins in favor of shirts a hindrance, while others might be more inclined to watch the new trailer now.
Nonetheless, to the rest of us, those who really don’t care either way, this looks like more of the same, more bothersome drama in the love triangle between a teenage girl, a vampire without fangs and who can go out in sunlight, and boy whose character was, evidently, ripped off by some Benicio Del Toro film.
Courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, here is that new trailer. Enjoy!" Source:

Kristen Stewart on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, March 10 2010. Part 1 of 2. Copyright infringement not intended.