Jake Gyllenhaal talks to MTV about Avatar

Sam Shepard with Jake Gyllenhaal in "Brothers" (2009) directed by Jim Sheridan.

"Brothers" star Jake Gyllenhaal spoke with MTV News on the red carpet at the 82nd annual Academy Awards and confirmed rumors that he was once up for the role played famously by relative newcomer Sam Worthington. "There were definitely discussions," he confessed. "It was what it was, but ultimately it's a great honor that I was even thought of."
Even though Gyllenhaal never entered the dangerous jungles of Pandora, the actor still has an action franchise to call his own in the form of "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" director Mike Newell's adaptation of the video-game series of the same name. "You have no idea of what you're going to see," the actor teased. "It's really good."

Despite Gyllenhaal's endorsement of "Prince of Persia," most films based on video games have been met with harsh reviews from both critics and fans alike. But according to the actor, "Prince of Persia" is going to change that trend.

"I'm going to say right now that this will reinvent video-game adaptations," he declared. "This will finally pull off what people hoped that video-game adaptations [are capable of]."
Source: www.mtv.com