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"Twilight is just the book for these times. It’s the ultimate story of abstinence, of acknowledging the carnal instincts but just saying ‘no.’ If you are a teenager, or remember being one, then you know that this is near impossible.In many ways, the most unrealistic element of the story isn’t the vampire but the notion that bad boy love could be eternal. Only a teenaged girl could believe that, but this book was written for them. Meyer may not have mastered the subjunctive (eg if Edward was a vampire?) but she has mastered romance. The anticipation is more than the kiss. Edward is incredibly appealing, and the story is a fast paced page turner. I would have adored Twilight as a teenager. Meyer captures first love but also the tortuous insecurity of trying to fit in and not having control of the future". Source:

"Twilight Delight" photographs.

"Twilight: in that zone between the certainty of day and fear of the dark, Gregory Crewdson sets his eerie, enigmatic photographs. A woman floats in her flooded living room, a cow appears to have fallen from the sky onto a front lawn, a gang of teenagers, seemingly hypnotized, pile up household objects for a bonfire. Created as elaborately staged tableaux, this series of images suggests the bizarre yet beautiful surrealities behind deceptively familiar suburban facades.
Scheduled to accompany three simultaneous gallery exhibitions in Spring 2002 and a subsequent retrospective at Mass MoCA, this book chronicles the completion of the Twilight series, which Crewdson began in 1998. Including both production stills and the 40 finished images, all in full color, it also features an essay by Rick Moody, a novelist equally renowned for exposing the underbelly of small-town, middle-class America".

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A musical video featuring some stills from "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist" and the song "Twilight" by The Raveonettes.

Twilight 1

Definition: faint light; a dubious or uncertain medium through which anything is viewed.

Twilight 2

Definition: Seen or done by twilight.

Twilight 3

Definition: Imperfectly illuminated; shaded; obscure.

twilight 4

Definition: the diffused light from the sky when the sun is below the horizon but its rays are refracted by the atmosphere of the earth

twilight 5

Definition: a condition of decline following successes; "in the twilight of the empire"

twilight 6

Definition: the time of day immediately following sunset; "he loved the twilight"; "they finished before the fall of night".