Comic Con Summary

-Richard Kelly on 'The Box': 'It's the most personal film' he's made. In his relatively brief career, writer-director Richard Kelly has seen plenty of controversy. His 2001 debut, "Donnie Darko" played the Sundance Film Festival, flopped at the box office and then went on to find a massive and loyal cult audience on home video (not to mention bolster the career of star Jake Gyllenhaal). Just before Kelly debuted new footage at Comic-Con on Friday, he told Hero Complex contributor Gina McIntyre in an interview that "The Box" is the most personal of all his films. It opens Oct. 30.

-Roland Emmerich's '2012' is 'the mother of all disaster films'. Superheroes are all about saving their cities. Superman's got Metropolis to look after. Batman has Gotham City. Roland Emmerich, on the other hand, destroys densely populated areas for a living. He wrecked Washington in "Independence Day." He flooded New York City into a watery grave in "The Day After Tomorrow." Now, the German director is busy laying waste to the entire planet in "2012."-Tim Burton on 'Dark Shadows', 'Alice in Wonderland' and '9'. Hero Complex contributor Gina McIntyre sat down with director Tim Burton on Friday afternoon in San Diego to talk about the busy schedule the filmmaker is keeping these days. He's just produced the dark, PG-13 rated animated fantasy "9," due out Sept. 9; he's in post-production on his elaborate adaptation of the works of Lewis Carroll, "Alice in Wonderland"; and he's looking to bring vampire Barnabas Collins to the screen with a "Dark Shadows" movie starring Johnny Depp.
-To Robert Downey Jr., Sherlock Holmes is no mystery. It’s official: Robert Downey Jr. is still the king of Comic-Con. The actor bounded into the San Diego Convention Center's Hall H on Friday morning, his second trip to massive weekend fest. This time, he was here to promote “Sherlock Holmes” and was welcomed with an even more breathless and deafening response than “Twilight’s” own Robert Pattinson. “I love you guys so much,” he told the raucous crowd.-Next 'Batman' film on track for 2011 release? Gary Oldman is at again. The actor shocked Comic-Con attendees in San Diego this morning when he revealed that the next film in the "Batman" franchise was to start filming in 2010, and potentially be released in 2011.
-Terry Gilliam on Heath Ledger's last performance. British movie polymath Terry Gilliam this afternoon unveiled clips at Comic-Con of his latest project, "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus." The lush and bizarre fantasy movie co-stars Heath Ledger, in his final role before his death, as Tony, a silver-tongued showman modeled after former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

-'Twilight' at Comic-Con: Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Chris Weitz and more introduce 'New Moon'. The shirts were off, the spoilers came fast and the "Twilight" fans lucky enough to attend a midafternoon panel on the film at San Diego's Comic-Con couldn't get enough. For many -- those who had camped out overnight -- the "New Moon" Q&A was The.Event.Of.Comic.Con.2009, as director Chris Weitz and stars Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene were all in attendance.-Hello Comic-Con! Greetings from Johnny Depp. English heartthrob Robert Pattinson wasn't due to arrive in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center until later in the afternoon, but he was in real danger of being upstaged by the screams that met Johnny Depp's surprise appearance Thursday morning at the first panel of the day at Comic-Con International.
-'Twilight' stars face the press, with restrictions.While thousands camped outside of the San Diego Convention Center for access to one of Comic-Con’s most anticipated panels -- an early-afternoon session devoted to a little franchise called “Twilight” -- its stars faced the press this morning just a few feet away at the Hilton Hotel.

-VIDEO: Seth Rogen, Michel Gondry unveil 'Green Hornet's' car. Funny guy Seth Rogen, director Michel Gondry and producer Neal Moritz were on hand after the Con closed to the public to unveil a car who's shape and mysterious appearance had been enticing Comic-Con participants the whole preview night. Individuals who were manning the Sony booth kept watch over the covered vehicle as onlookers tried to sneak a peek.

Television news

-'True Blood' at Comic-Con: Yes, ladies, Eric really is that hot. Lest anyone forget, there is more than one vampire-themed entertainment phenomenon in the pop culture universe right now. "True Blood," HBO's hit adaptation of the Sookie Stackhouse mystery novels from author Charlaine Harris, has its own legion of devoted fans keen on the show's sexy, campy aesthetic, and plenty of them turned up Saturday to hear cast members Anna Paquin (on her birthday, no less), Stephen Moyer, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Nelsan Ellis, Michelle Forbes, Deborah Ann Woll and Alexander Skarsgard and creator Alan Ball talk about what's in store for season two.


"Castro gave an accout of his own history with the game, starting with what he saw on his Apple 2C 19 years ago to now, showing off old 8-bit graphic slides. This led to a reveal poster of Gyllenhaal as the Prince of Persia himself. Someone joked that the 8-bit image is proably pre-vis film.

Asked about the :01 Prince of Persia book released last year, he called it “its own thing, not tied to the movie, or game.” He didn’t write it, but this will be its own thing, more directly tied to games and movie’s universe".