Top 10 Hottest actresses

Evan Rachel Wood photographed by Terry Richardson, i-D Magazine, August 2009.

"Evan Rachel Wood doesn’t fear the edge—it’s her natural habitat, onscreen and in real life. Uncomfortable, Lolita-esque situations? Check. Nudity? Check. Drugs? Um… Bisexuality? Naturally. “I love me some girls, man!” Wood states unequivocally, sidling into a back booth at a sleek pan-Asian bistro near her home on Los Angeles’ West Side.
Evan Rachel Wood, Holly Hunter and Catherine Hardwicke at "V Life Celebrate Oscar Hopefuls", 2004.

“She’d joke around the set like a 12 year-old, but as soon as I said ‘action’ she could go immediately to the deepest emotional level,” explains Catherine Hardwicke, who, in 2003, directed Wood in the acclaimed, controversial teen-angst film Thirteen. “In some scenes, she went as far as an actress could go—maybe too far. I was so happy when she was the youngest person to ever be nominated for a best actress Golden Globe, but she deserved an Oscar.” Source:

# 8 - Evan Rachel Wood: She played daughter to a lunatic dreamer who thinks of himself as the King of California, she also played her part in an ensemble cast where scissors run and family members compete for being the 'coolest' looney. But two roles- a misunderstood teen who rebels in Thirteen and as the romantic lead named Lucy in the Julie Taymor musical inspired by the Beatles - which remains the most unforgettable.But wait, playing Stephanie alongside the totally written-off actor named Mickey in The Wrestler, is another performance I have to mention! Will she sing again and be merry or choose to play a doomed character to get to the next level?Why a #8 ranking: Notwithstanding the media's undeniable obssession with the young actress, she is no mere 'celebrity' - she has both substance and form. Her beauty is matched by her ability to play roles effectively and fully.
# 7 - Anne Hathaway: She played the role of the beloved Jane Austen and wore an accent - flawed yet it made her more endearing. Looking back, she was once a Princess who acted alongside a legend known for the sound of her music. She was also quite memorable portraying an aspiring magazine editor pitting talents alongside another legend known for her accents and 2 Oscars. But it was probably playing Kym in her Oscar nominated role in Rachel Getting Maried that she finally made critics swoon over her.

Says the LA Times:
With her chopped hair, constant smoking and wraith-from-hell demeanor, Kym calls on aspects of Hathaway, best known for considerably lighter fare like "The Princess Diaries," "The Devil Wears Prada" and "Becoming Jane," that simply have not been seen before, and the actress rises to the challenge beautifully, making Kym simultaneously empathetic and outrageous.
Why a #7 ranking: With more than eight new features coming up, including a notable role in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland,
Love and Other Drugs (with Jake Gyllenhaal) and as Judy Garland, Hathaway is poised to become yet another princess!

# 6 - Ellen Page: She made everyone squirm for turning the tables on one unsuspecting sexual predator yet she was herself a victim screaming for mercy - her pain and agony almost palpable from the big screen. But she can also be a breathe of fresh air as the witty, acid-tongued young lass adjusting to her pregnancy. Could anyone acted better in playing a character only someone named Diablo Cody could ever think of?This is what film critic Roger Ebert has to say about Miss Page:
Has there been a better performance this year than Ellen Page's creation of Juno? I don't think so. If most actors agree that comedy is harder than drama, then harder still is comedy depending on a quick mind, utter self-confidence, and an ability to stop just short of going too far. Page's presence and timing are extraordinary. I have seen her in only two films, she is only 20, and I think she will be one of the great actors of her time.
Why a #6 ranking: With Whip it!, Peacock, Inception and Jane Eyre under her belt, Ellen Page is definitely the one to watch - this year and the next and the next...# 5 - Carey Mulligan: Poised to become this year's most celebrated young actress, Carey Mulligan, will be seen in four high-profile films - Michael Mann's crime-drama Public Enemies (with Johnny Depp), Jim Sheridan's much-anticipated film Brothers (featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman), Shana Feste's The Greatest and Mark Romanek's Never Let Me Go, where Mulligan will act alongside Keira Knightley, Sally Hawkins, and Charlotte Rampling.

Rotten Tomatoes' Joe Utichi puts Ms. Mulligan's career in perspective:A ferocious appetite for acting seems to inspire Mulligan to work so hard, and it's clearly paying off. This year her co-stars include Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, Peter Sarsgaard, Alfred Molina, Susan Sarandon and Pierce Brosnan. And all indications are that she holds her own alongside such seasoned thesps, delivering performances that belie her short CV.
It's April 2008, and RT has come to the West London set of An Education to meet Mulligan. Her passion for her craft is immediately obvious - when we arrive she has her head buried in a script, emerging occasionally to seek advice from her director and co-stars and laugh and joke with the whole crew. She has the good sense to enjoy what she's doing, and that seems to give her the necessary confidence to deliver as a performer.Why a #5 ranking: Aside from the festival buzz, she already took this year's European shooting star title for the UK, and with An Education soon to be shown across America, Carey Mulligan is more than poised to conquer Hollywood.
# 3 - Natalie Portman: Closer was not 'close' enough to win her an Oscar, add the fact that the Queen from a galaxy far far away has to endure moments of boredom 'working' alongside a jumper named Skywalker. Come to think of it, we watched her grow before our eyes - from a young would-be assassin to an unwed mother delivering her baby in a shopping mall to an adventurous and risk-it-all gambler who convinced a singer to take a road trip to Vegas.Shall we ever witnes her take the stage and thank the members of the Academy for the role of romancing someone formerly known as Jack Twist? Heck, how come she chooses Jack over spidey?Why a #3 ranking: She was ranked #1 in our previous list and still I believe what was said before remains true:
Arguably one of the most talented young actresses in the industry, Natalie Portman blows the competition away with her ability to choose the right roles and to turn down projects that simply doesn’t fit. Her outspoken nature, which is often misconstrued by the media, allows Portman to prove she is not just a pretty actress but that she is independent-minded and not afraid to pursue other endeavors.
Portman has eleven upcoming/soon-to-be-released projects including Love & Other Impossible Pursuits, based on a novel by Ayelet Waldman and co-starring Lisa Kudrow, Hesher (with Joe Levitt) and as Jane Foster in the film adaptation of comic book superhero Thor.# 2 - Abbie Cornish: In Candy, she plays an art student who became a heroin addict ready to sell her body for a quick fix. In Kimberly Peirce, Stop-Loss, she's a soldier's lover trying to stay loyal and stand behind her man. She was also an unwelcomed 'visitor', annoying a money trader who was once a Roman general and the ocean's master and commander in Ridley Scott's inept but a bit funny feature A Good Year. 2007 saw her play second fiddle to Cate Blanchett in Elizabeth: The Golden Age. A transition period as she is obviously up for bigger roles and bigger films.Why a #2 ranking: In Jane Campion's latest, she's the undisputed star. And so, Abbie Cornish has finally given audiences and critics the true depth and dimension of her talents - as Fanny Brawne she is both sublime and subdued, enchanting and mysterious, powerful and enduring. Right this minute, she's the hottest young actress ready to embrace both fame and fortune, without compromising her integrity.

# 1 - Saoirse Ronan: Her unmistakable and commanding presence in Joe Wright's romantic and tragic period piece is a resounding announcement that a great talent is upon us. As Briony Tallis, a 13-year-old fledgling writer, she irrevocably changes the course of several lives when she accuses her older sister's lover of a crime he did not commit. Ronan was brilliant and while some film critics insisted that the film belongs to Knightley and McAvoy, it was Ronan who was recognized by the Academy with a Best Supporting Actress nomination.Peter Travers @Rolling Stones is one of the critics who praised Ronan for her performance:

For starters, we learn that the film will be seen entirely through Briony's eyes. And what eyes! Saoirse (pronounced "seer-sha") Ronan is the film's glory. Note to Oscar: This is acting of the highest order. Ronan simply takes your breath away.
In Peter Jackson's upcoming feature, The Lovely Bones, she will once again dazzle movie audiences. As a young girl looking down from heaven to watch her family grieve, she'll bring to life Alice Sebold's Susie Salmon, considered by many book lovers as a most fascinating fictional character. Says Jackson:
I found the book to be curiously optimistic. I felt inspired by Susie's struggle to come to terms with her own death. In the face of overwhelming grief, she finds hope. She holds on to love, and by doing so, she transcends the horror of her murder.
Why a #1 ranking: Saoirse Ronan is, without a doubt, the most talented young actress today, and as the lead in the most anticipated movie from one of the industry's undisputed master, she is most probably poised for another Oscar nomination, and perhaps a win".