Happy 22nd Birthday, Michael Welch!

"Unrequited" movie starring Michael Welch - first week behind the scenes

Behind the scenes footage of the first week of the new movie "Unrequited" starring TWILIGHT'S Michael Welch. Also starring Sarah Habel, Justin Baldoni, David Keith, Brett Rice & Gregory Alan Williams.

"New Moon's Michael Welch Tells Us About His Favorite Movie:

For an actor so young, Twilight's Michael Welch has been on TV and movie screens for ages, acting in nearly every genre. It should be no surprise, then, that his favorite movie adopts such a wide view of the world".

Source: www.reelzchannel.com

"Last week, the two gentlemen in this three-part feature decided to take a look at the film set where Bella filmed the infamous cliff-diving scene, and this week, they look to the woods - with Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson)'s "break-up" scene. The best part of the new segment? Pocket Edward makes his appearance in a recreation of the scene. The two are also led to the set location (not a movie theater) for the exterior shooting of the movie theater scenes with Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick as well as the interior where the scenes with Taylor Lautner and Michael Welch were filmed as well". Source: www.examiner.com