Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn in Vogue Spain

"Aunt Sue was decked out in turbans, long false eyelashes, huge golden hoop earrings and the latest in plastic surgery until the day she died, at age 96 (she didn’t look a day over 70). She took glee in sharing Marilyn Monroe’s more intimate fashion tips. “After all, she was the sexiest woman who ever lived”, she told us.According to Aunt Sue, Marilyn wore everything one size too small, so that she would appear to be on the verge of bursting out of her clothes at any moment. Tight outfits gave Marilyn an aversion to underwear, because Visible Panty Line (VPL) is definitely NOT sexy. My aunt knew all this because Marilyn had very little confidence in her ability to dress herself and would often roll out of bed, then run down to my aunt’s wardrobe department, to be dressed in the appropriate attire for lunch with a studio executive or an interview with a journalist".

Marilyn Monroe.
Lindsay Lohan in the photoshoot for Vogue Spain, August 2009 issue, see the spread below:
Marilyn Monroe tribute dress by Dolce & Gabbana, black bra by Cadolle, black gloves by Cornelia James and black earrings by KMO Jewels.Vinyl skirt with slit, stockings and gloves by Thierry Mugler Vintage, black bra by Cadolle, vinyl belt by Dior, black sunglasses by Dior -Marc Le Bihan Store and platform shoes by Gucci. Coat by Dolce & Gabbana, satin corset with culotte by Cadolle, black stockings by Thierry Mugler Vintage and golden-heels black shoes by Dior.Red cachemira coat by Max Mara, red embroided body by Thierry Mugler Vintage, chiffon gloves by LaCrasia and red stockings by Agent Provocateur. Barbarella red wool cape by Louis Vuitton, black body & stockings by Thierry Mugler Vintage and shoes by Gucci.

"Lindsay Lohan to reinterpret the August Vogue the look of the great divas of film.

The whirlwind that surrounds the life of the actress was evident during the shooting that became our home and where explosive-platinum-blonde, paid tribute to the divas of Hollywood, with his adored Marilyn, of which study said that all his films-like concerning indisputable".