"Brothers": terrific suspense

Brothers Movie Sneak Peak Starring Natalie Portman THIS VIDEO AUTHORIZED TO US AND PROVIDED TO US COURTESY Lions Gate Films Inc

"By dramatizing Sam's ordeal, Sheridan robs it of the potency it would have if we were forced to imagine it. Instead, as Sam tries to return to normal life, he's a stereotypical time bomb on a short fuse, because we know his horrible secret. There's no question that he'll do something that potentially puts all of their lives in danger -- it's just a question of when. He's so twisted up that, having betrayed his own ideals under threat of death, he assumes everyone else is betraying him, too.The suspense of the scenes with him, Portman and Gyllenhaal is terrific. Though both Tommy and Grace deny it, Sam is convinced they have cheated on him -- if they aren't still. The three actors give genuinely thoughtful performances, as the script allows". Source: www.huffingtonpost.com