Jake Gyllenhaal talks about Tobey Maguire

Jake Gyllenhaal talks about his interaction with Tobey Maguire in "Brothers". And, what does he think about being called one of the "greatest actors of our time"?
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"Gyllenhaal is superb at channeling his confused feelings into physical awkwardness. He shows up at the family's house one morning, after a particularly unsettling episode, carrying construction materials for her kitchen. "I brought you some moulding," he mutters, and sure enough, there it is, coiled into stiff loops that keep threatening to spring out of his arms.But Portman doesn't quite meet Gyllenhaal's challenge. She holds back too much here, as if she has more invested in playing a dutiful wife and mother than she does in playing a human, sexual being. That may not be wholly her fault. My biggest reservation about "Brothers" is the way it downplays, and too readily smooths over, the sexual attraction between Tommy and Grace. I'm not suggesting that this Hollywood version of "Brothers" needs graphic sex. (The original didn't have that, either.) But I worry that Sheridan, intentionally or otherwise, may have muted the characters' attraction to one another out of fear that American audiences expect more virtuous behavior from their war-torn families. Shot for shot, Sheridan's approach isn't radically different from Bier's. (The director of photography here is Frederick Elmes)". Source: www.salon.com