Gyllenhaal & Hirsch: geeks in search of romance

Jake Gyllenhaal has been chosen one of the sexiest men alive #3 in People Magazine, November 2009.

"First, he starred in John Madden's Proof, playing a math geek romantically interested in reclusive and possibly unbalanced Gwyneth Paltrow. Next came Sam Mendes' Jarhead, in which Gyllenhaal stars as Tony Swofford, a young man who discovers the First Gulf War isn't everything he expected it to be".

"Jake Gyllenhaal, who became an indie darling after starring in the quirky DONNIE DARKO, is still probably best known to mainstream folks as the guy who almost was SPIDER-MAN. When Tobey Maquire's back injury after the first Spider-Man film threatened his ability to appear in the highly lucrative sequel, Gyllenhaal's name was most often mentioned as his possible replacement". Source:

"Donnie Darko is a simple, oft-told story — a defiant, bright teenage boy trying to make his place in an unsympathetic world run by rules he struggles to comprehend, and on his journey he finds strength through the tragic love of the only girl who understands him. [...] Jake Gyllenhaal — who may be a long-lost brother of Tobey Maguire — stepped in". Source:

"Emile Hirsch stars in The Girl Next Door as Matthew Kidman, an overachiever in Westport, Conn., who's managed to win entry to Georgetown University, thanks to being class president and yearbook editor. Matthew simply doesn't fit in, and he spends most of his time with his pals Eli (Chris Marquette) and Klitz (Paul Dano), who are equally geeky —" "Elisha Cuthbert is equally archetypal as the object of Matthew's insistent romance, not only because of her natural beauty, but because she encapsulates the ideal adolescent girlfriend — in every scene she's thoughtful, funny, and challenging, always coming across as the sort of mature, sophisticated female puzzle that every young man feels compelled to decipher". Source:

"From combat boots and spectator loafers, to plaid button-front shirts and tweed pants, the Emile Hirsch GQ Style spread shows the ‘Alpha Dog’ and ‘The Girl Next Door’ actor in a range of characters that include, among others, the rebel hipster and quirky geek." Source: