Gyllenhaal is a damaged charmer in "Brothers"

Movie clip for BROTHERS. 'Really Dead'. With Jake Gyllenhaal, Natalie Portman & Tobey Maguire.

"Maguire shines in the work's meatiest role, devolving from staid to explosive, and Gyllenhaal is perfectly cast as a damaged charmer.
Sheridan and his fantastic cinematographer (Frederick Elms) have created an understated yet stunning film, utilizing gorgeous wide-angle shots of American winterscapes and sunset Afghani caves to provide a balm to the action's weightiness. Dense, intelligent and moving, Brothers is one of the year's best films". Source:

"David Lynch, who works the front desk at La Fonda, was particularly excited to see Brothers open last weekend. He had the pleasure of driving star Jake Gyllenhaal and his assistant Megan Milner around Santa Fe during the movie's filming. He also can be seen as an Al Qaida fighter in the movie. He's the one whose foot is shot off in the scene where Tobey Maguire is being rescued. You can see Lynch next in Love Ranch, starring Helen Mirren (Lynch is in a Thanksgiving scene with the Oscar winner)". Source: