Happy Birthday, Amanda Seyfried!

Happy 24th birthday to the lovely and talented young actress Amanda Seyfried, some pictures of her (from photoshoots and some stills of her films):
Amanda Seyfried holding a big white rabbit (Alice in Wonderland / Donnie Darko dejà vu anyone?).Amanda Seyfried at 14th GQ "Men of the Year" party, on 18th November 2009.Amanda Seyfried in Vogue Italy photoshoot, November 2009.
Kristen Stewart with Amanda Seyfried, Vanity Fair photoshoot.Amanda between Amber Heard and Anton Yelchin in "Alpha Dog".Amanda kissing Megan Fox in "Jennifer's Body".Amanda Seyfried with Channing Tatum in "Dear John".Amanda at TIFF "CHLOE" afterparty, on 13th November 2009.