Bella's addiction for Edward Cullen

Robert Pattinson Says in this video/interview that Heading into Non-Twilight Territory is Scary:
“I’ve only done one movie outside of the ‘Twilight’ series, ‘Remember Me’, Rob said of his first true post-fame project, a March 12 romantic drama opposite Emilie de Ravin whose shoot was most notable for its security issues. “But even that I did with the same studio, so I guess I’m still a little bit blind as to what my actual economic viability will be outside of the series.” Undoubtedly, all eyes will be on “Remember Me” when it tests RPattz’s box-office clout in a few months. Following that and June’s “Eclipse”, his fans will have some other high-profile flicks to look out for.“I think the tentative time for ‘Breaking Dawn’ is fall next year,” Rob said of the fourth “Twilight” novel, which might be split into two films. “Depending on how things go, I’m doing a movie called ‘Bel Ami’ in February, an adaption to a Guy de Maupassant novel. And I’m doing — I hope — a Western with Rachel Weisz and Hugh Jackman called ‘Unbound Captives’ sometime around there as well. They’ve got to try and juggle things around until everybody’s schedules work.” Source:

Catherine Hardwicke directed Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the first film of "Twilight" francise.

-Why do you think he's attracted to Bella?
-I think it's a progression. The way I did it the, whole thing comes as a complete surprise to him. He has so many issues. He's stopped killing people for 50 years, she comes in and he's like, "Oh, I can't control myself!" I just thought that the guy would think, "This fucking girl is not gonna ruin [me]," like, "She's not better than me and I can control my base instincts." It's like, "I can go a little bit closer to her, and closer and closer and closer," and then a joy comes out of that where he's just like, "See, eating my instincts again." Later on it's funny how wanting to kill her makes him realize he's in some way alive. And that's why she becomes so important, because the only thing he wanted to do before is become human and die.There's no way to pin down the story. I never really understood it the whole way through. I understood Edward's character. I didn't understand what Bella was all about. I really tried, and I was working with Kristen for ages. There's definitely some defining characteristics of young girls, which are very, very strange and which aren't really explored in movies. Troubled teens, especially girls, in movies are just so one dimensional it's ridiculous, and they always have somebody to fix them in the end. Whereas in Twilight she doesn't really get fixed she just gets this addiction.She's all right in the beginning and then she becomes completely dependent; even in last scene of the movie, she's saying, "Don't ever say you'll leave me." That's what makes the story unusual; when you read it at face value and it's just like, "Oh, it's an easy read." You can read it in a few hours, and it's kind of cheesy but as soon as you actually look at it you have to really take massive leaps to join the dots of the character. So I ended up putting tons and tons of thought into it, just to make it not be cheesy cash-in movie 95 percent of the people probably expect it to be. But then outsiders who also aren't really outsiders.Not anymore. When the outsiders become strong it's incredibly powerful. As the movie's been happening and the magazine covers, more people think it's legitimized and more people buy the book; everything is kind of galvanized. That's why I don't really feel bad about the hype or anything, because it's not someone who's forcing it down anyone's throat. The reason we were on the VMAs is 'cause all these fans sent e-mails accosting us. It's not someone who's paying for this — it's all fan-driven so it's completely out of anyone's hands". Source: