Pattinson: Vampire Victory & Remember me

Vampire Victory video: The latest "Twilight" movie, "New Moon" has risen to third place in the biggest opening weekends ever. Nancy Cordes has more on the film's sudden success.

Stills of Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin in "Remember me" (2010).

"The film centers around a pair of star-crossed lovers (sound familiar?) dealing with their own family tragedies. The trailer opens on Tyler (Rob) trying to break up a street fight, ultimately leading to his arrest and a bloodied face (which explains all those paparazzi shots of a worse-for-the-wear Rob strolling through New York City). When Tyler's father Charles, played by Pierce Brosnan, comes to bail him out, it's clear there's no love lost between father and son. "You could do worse than a father who bails you out of jail," Charles says. "I don't want to be bailed out of anything," Tyler shoots back.But Tyler clearly wants—and needs—to be bailed out of his troubled life when in walks the daughter of the cop who arrested him, played by "Lost" actress Emilie de Ravin.Emilie's Ally and Tyler begin a love affair, but we know what happens when RPattz's characters date cops' daughters—there are always complications."Remember Me" is familiar emotional terrain for Rob. His depressed, slightly misfitish Tyler is most equatable with his loner musician character Art in 2008's "How To Be", but it's hard not to see glimmers of Edward Cullen as well, especially in a cafeteria/lounge scene when Tyler meets Ally for the first time. I, for one, however am excited to see Rob drop Edward's perfect mantle and inhabit a romantic lead that is truly relatable—sparkling not included". Source: