Cameron Diaz & Emile Hirsch, candidates for L.A. Candy movie?

Lauren Conrad wants Lo Bosworth in the "L.A. Candy" flick.

"So when it comes to Kristin Cavallari and Brody Jenner's fictional selves, they have some A-list talent in mind. Kristin Cavallari, Brody Jenner Pick Who Would Play Them In 'L.A. Candy'?
Cameron Diaz in Marie Claire (UK) - January 2010.

"Oh lord! I don't know if anyone can hold up to that," Cavallari joked to MTV News. "It's a tough job. I don't know if we're going off age. I mean ... I don't know. If we're not going off age, I would say ... I mean, I love Cameron Diaz."
She added that she would happily play Diaz in a flick, so she would hope the actress would do the same for her. "That's who I would want to play in a movie," she said. "So if she could that for me, that would be great."
Brody Jenner, however, had a harder time choosing, mainly because he'd really like to play himself in the film. "Me? I mean, I'd like to play me, realistically," he explained. "But who would I like to play me? Nobody."He then reconsidered his options and made a more viable casting decision. "Let me think about this. ... If I were to think of one person to play me it would have to be ... Emile Hirsch". Jenner has a stupendous taste, and he's so right about Hirsch's gifts in looks and acting departments. Emile has already played several real characters on-screen before in "Lords of Dogtown", "Alpha Dog", "Into the Wild" and "Milk" so far.
Emile Hirsch at "Milk" premiere in L.A., Beverly Hills, CA,
on 13th November 2008.

"Emile Hirsch, you are incredible actor. If you were to play anybody, I would appreciate it. He's one of my favorites, even though he's way better looking".