Rivers Cuomo, please, get well soon!

"Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was hospitalized Sunday morning after his bus slipped on an ice patch in New York and crashed.The 40-year-old "Beverly Hills" singer/guitarist complained of rib pain post-accident, but his wife, Kyoko Cuomo, and 2-year-old daughter who were riding with him, were unharmed, E! News has confirmed.

Cuomo and family were on their way back from Toronto, Ontario for a concert at Boston University's Agganis Arena scheduled for Monday night.

The accident happened just after 7:30 a.m., after the bus slid on ice, skidded into a median, crossed back over the highway, and went over a guardrail into a ditch, according to Sgt. Paul M. Swasey of the New York State Police".
Source: uk.eonline.com

Mood state in Weirdland: sad but praying for River's recovery, listening to Raditude album - "I don't want to let you go".

Weezer is one of my top favorite bands, as well as Michael Cera's most beloved one: