What do Hollywood hotties look for in women?

"Jake's exJake's sister:

Am I noting their resemblance as a quiet way of wondering whether Jake is trying to find a woman who looks exactly like his sister, but with whom he can have the sex and the babies without being considered a social freak/outcast whose children have five eyes and no kidneys?" Source: gofugyourself.celebuzz.com

"Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon make a sweet couple, don't you think? It's no wonder he loves her energetic spirit and cute figure. But, according to Hungarian scientists, he might also be attracted to her because she, well, looks like his mom...Maggie, Jake and mom Naomi Foner at ACLU Foundation Torch of Liberty Awards, May 19, 2003, in Beverly Hills, CA.

Jake Gyllenhaal's mom, Naomi Foner, has high cheekbones,
just like Reese Witherspoon. And Hungarian scientists have just found that men are more likely to date women with bone structure similar to their own mothers. (The same is true for us ladies--we're attracted to men with similar bone structure as our dads'.) Source: www.glamour.com

ESQ: "George Michael's behavior around his cousin/love interest is so spastic, so real, that I gotta wonder: Is that acting?Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat in "Staff Infection", Arrested Development, Season 1, Episode 15.

MC: Well, this is where my knowledge of what I'm like around girls comes in handy. I just kind of imagined what it would be like to have a crush on my first cousin. Obviously it's confusing.

ESQ: Your signature move is the nervous laugh. That conveys more confusion than any dialogue could ever hope to.
MC: We're allowed to improvise as much as we want. Plus Alia Shawkat is great -- that's the girl who plays the cousin -- so I can play off her". Source: www.esquire.com

"I haven't been in a relationship in 14 years. I almost wouldn't know where to begin. I've been out of relationships now as long as I was ever in them. You just wake up one day and you're used to being alone. But I'm OK with that. I have my dogs".
"Monogamy? I can't wait. I don't practise it, because I haven't met the one I'd practise it with, but I believe in it absolutely. I'd join that club in a heartbeat" -Mickey Rourke.

"I like women better than men. I do. It's my female side responding. I learnt a lot from my two daughters and my wife Martine; notably, to show my vulnerability rather than get angry. In Holland I used to scream and yell, then I learnt to just tell Martine I was sad about something. I learnt to relax, too, and not to look for the divine in every moment of my life. I had continuous support from her. In fact, Martine made the decision for us to move to the United States. When I rejected RoboCop because I thought it was silly, she read the script and told me she felt I could do something special with it" - Paul Verhoeven.
Source: www.guardian.co.uk