"Cutlass" by Kate Hudson

Kristen Stewart, Kate Hudson and Sarah Roemer.

"The Tribeca Film Festival is screening several shorts, including "Cutlass", which is written and directed by Kate Hudson. The short stars Dakota Fanning, Virginia Madsen, Kurt Russell, Kristen Stewart, Chevy Chase, Dax Shepard and Sarah Roemer.

Plot: After Robin (Madsen) buys her daughter Lacey (Fanning) a new expensive guitar, she reminiscences about the time she got an Olds Cutlass as her first car when she was younger".
Source: www.worstpreviews.com

Kristen Stewart in "Cutlass" (2007).

"Cutlass" Anachronisms: In the flashbacks to 1979, all cars on the lot have white California plates. The white plates (initially with sunset) weren't introduced until 1982, and older cars would have kept their blue plates for several years".
Source: www.imdb.com