Olivia Wilde: Tao Ruspoli's Muse

Olivia Wilde with Jack Black in "Year One" (2009) by Harold Ramis.
Watch an interview to Olivia Wilde about her role in "Year One" film

Olivia Wilde "Self-Assignment" by Tao Ruspoli.
"In real life her husband, the filmmaker Tao Ruspoli, is Italian royalty. “It’s kind of hilarious, because my husband and I are so not concerned with it. All it means to us is having an incredible family history. But it’s still funny. Everyone on set was like, ‘Princess of Italy, Princess of Sodom.’”

But Wilde made sure to bone up on her research for her role.

“In my family religion was reserved for weddings and funerals, so once I got the role I had to read up on my Cain and Abel," she said. "Plus, I had to know about Sodom, so I did a lot of research on sodomy. I’ll do anything for my craft.

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Nick Stahl with Olivia Wilde on the set of "In NorthWood" (2009).Emile Hirsch with Olivia Wilde in "Alpha Dog" (2006).Olivia Wilde with Patrick Fugit in "Bickford Schmeckler's Cool Ideas" (2006).Olivia Wilde with Patrick Fugit photographed by Olivia's husband Tao Ruspoli.Source: blog.taoruspoli.com

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