Reese is wiser now

Reese narrated: “But then I actually had to stand in front of a microphone and sing. It was really a rude awakening to me how incredibly terrible I was without any training. So it took seven months to train my voice and it made me completely appreciate how hard these singers work. In that sense, I had a good idea of how my voice sounds and how I can change my voice".
As for the solidarity of women in Hollywood, Reese stressed: “It’s important that we all support each other. The better one woman does, the better all women do. The better Sarah Jessica Parker’s movie opens, the better it is for Julia and I and all the girls coming up. It’s important that women make those choices for themselves that are good, strong ones".

”Speaking of making good choices, she revealed to us what she will be portraying in director James Brooks’ comedy that’s tentatively titled “How Do You Know?”: “I’m playing a softball player. Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Bill Murray are in it".
”Reese, who turned 33 a couple of days after our talk, said she is wiser in a different way. She said, “I told somebody the other day, ‘I’m old enough now to know that I don’t know anything.’ I just feel like I know absolutely nothing. But now I understand that I know nothing. I used to think I knew everything.”

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