Celebs with most sex-appeal survey

"Angelina Jolie, meanwhile, tops this list because both men and women worldwide have crushes on her and - if she ever invited someone other than Brad Pitt into her bed - not even the most committed couple would walk away from that opportunity."

In a new survey of thousands of online daters nationwide, we asked: The sex pass list is a list of celebrities your loved one gives you the green light to sleep with, even though you're in a committed relationship. Who is tops on your sex pass list?

Following are the complete results:

Angelina Jolie 25.9%
Jennifer Aniston 24.1%
Halle Berry 23.8%
Penelope Cruz 22.4%
Eva Mendes 20.7%
Nicole Kidman 20.7%
Sandra Bullock 19.0%
Jennifer Garner 18.9%
Lucy Liu 17.2%
Reese Witherspoon 17.2%
Demi Moore 16.7%
Julia Roberts 15.5%
Kate Winslet 15.3%
Kiera Knightly 12.1%
Scarlett Johansson 11.8%
Natalie Portman 8.6%
Katherine Hiegl 6.9%

Johnny Depp 32.2%
George Clooney 29.0%
Will Smith 28.4%
Brad Pitt 25.8%
Matthew McConaughey 25.8%
Hugh Jackman 19.4%
Sean Connery 16.1%
Patrick Dempsey 12.9%
Tom Cruise 12.9%
Justin Timberlake 11.5%
Bruce Willis 9.7%
Howard Stern 8.4%
Robert Pattinson 6.5%

Jake Gyllenhaal 6.5%
Gerard Butler 3.2%

Source: news.prnewswire.com