Funny men are the sexiest

"A sense of humour makes men seem more intelligent, trustworthy - and a better bet for a relationship, a study found.Psychologist Kristofor McCarty said it appeared that men really can laugh women into bed.Jake in a goofy pose with Jennifer Aniston.Jake laughing with Alison Lohman.

He said: 'A quick browse of lonely hearts ads will confirm that women look for a good sense of humour in a potential partner - our research may explain why this is the case.'

Mr McCarty asked 45 women to rate the personalities behind a selection of lonely hearts ads drawn up especially for the study.

Some of the ads had been chosen because they were funny, others were entirely factual.
The funny men were rated as more intelligent, despite the ads containing no clues on IQ.
They were also seen as more honest and better material for a relationship and for friendship, the British Psychological Society's annual conference heard.

The finding could go some way to explain the sex appeal of some of Britain's favourite comedians.

Mr McCarty, of Northumbria University, said: 'There was a kind of halo effect. The funny guys appear to be getting everything.

'I think men play on this - I would if I was funny.

'For a man that doesn't look like Brad Pitt, it gives them a bit of hope". 

James McAvoy.

"I'm guilty of trying to find the humor in even the most serious of films that I've done and it always gets edited out so it was kind of a joy to be in an environment where the director and producers were saying, "No, no, no, try. You have an idea? Go for it".

Emile Hirsch in "Into the wild".

-There is humor in this film too.
-Absolutely, I think there are many funny performances. And a lot of what McCandless does is very funny. Some of the things he does are odd and loopy, because the guy isn’t totally there. In Krakauer’s book he explains how Christopher has gaps in his thinking and the movie shows it, and some of that can come across as comedic too.

-How close is your portrayal of Christopher McCandless to the one in the book?
-I think mine is probably a little more vulnerable. In the book he comes across as more stern and angry. After talking to Carine for a while it seemed natural to make him a little more vulnerable".

"Michael Cera and Kat Denning's characters almost work perfectly together. Each a little awkward, Dennings and Cera balance their sarcasm and almost lame humor. Together the pair's realistic first date chemistry is not only refreshing but also fun to watch. Alternatively, Norah's wayward best friend, Caroline, provides comedic relief throughout the movie with drunken bad decisions".