Drug fueled scenes

"Jack is on the run from a couple of small-time thugs who are out to break his feet and Pilot is chasing a fantasy girl. Along the way, they pick up Cassie (Selma Blair), a one-time prostitute who just wants to get away, and Johnny the Fox (John C. McGinley), a drug dealer looking for a group to hang and party with. The quartet has one thing in common other than being lost souls – they all share a love for grunge music, and their awful hairstyles (except for Cassie’s) show it. Cobain, the father of grunge is dead, and Seattle has become the grieving spot for multitudes of others with equally bad hair. There are other characters and situations in the movie that again bring up the themes of isolation, individuality and freakishness. What does work was Gyllenhaal’s performance. Whereas Leto fails to engender any sympathy, Blair doesn’t show much personality and McGinley demonstrates little sense or restraint, Gyllenhaal keeps the picture moderately grounded. Both childlike and adult at the same time, his character’s circumstances are pretty tragic. Still, he shows humour, sensitivity and vulnerability. Pilot is a jerk and a best friend all in the same sentence". Source: apolloguide.com

"Edie was the doomed debutante, the true heroine of Bob Dylan’s masterpiece Blonde on Blonde. She was queen of the scene in 1965; part of a phantasmagoric night world of lost runaways, freaks, and hipster kids. She always wanted to test fate with her reckless behavior, she was a condemned soul off on the road to perdition". Source: iamthechildofthemoon.blogspot.com