Sexy bloodsuckers

Kristen Stewart, Ashley Greene, Michael Welch, and Twilight co.
"Last week at Comic-Con, the big story wasn't comic books—it was vampires. Some 2,000 young women set up a tent city outside the San Diego Convention Center on Tuesday, sleeping rough so that they could attend the Thursday panel on New Moon, the upcoming sequel to vampire blockbuster Twilight. It's just another sign of the massive popularity of vampires. The original Dracula in Dracula loved to drink blood. He has "white sharp teeth, behind the full lips of the blood-dripping mouth." He forces Mina Harker to his bosom, where "[h]er white nightdress was smeared with blood, and a thin stream trickled down [his] bare chest," and he compels her to drink his blood, like a "child forcing a kitten's nose into a saucer of milk. ..." This bodily fluid fetishism was par for the course for the next 79 years, until Anne Rice's Interview With the Vampire, when Ms. Rice started to tweak up the Gothness. In her books, vampires were better known for being immortal than for sucking blood, which makes their fascination with humans even more mysterious: After living among us for hundreds of years, haven't they heard all of our jokes by now?"

STEPHEN MOYER / Bill Compton on True Blood
"True Blood’s Stephen Moyer and Twilight’s Robert Pattinson take the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly, which ranks the 20 greatest vampires in its latest issue".

1. Lestat, Interview With the Vampire
2. Christopher Lee’s Dracula
3. Bela Lugosi’s Dracula
4. Edward Cullen, Twilight
5. Bill and Eric, True Blood
6. Asa Vajda, 1960’s Black Sunday
7. Angel
8. Mr. Barlow, Salem’s Lot
9. Schuyler Van Alen, Melissa de la Cruz’s Blue Bloods series
10. Gary Oldman’s Dracula
11. Klaus Kinski’s Dracula
12. Zoey Redbird, P.C. and Kristin Cast’s House of Night series
13. Jean-Claude, Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series
14. David, 1987’s The Lost Boys
15. Miriam Blaylock and Sarah Roberts, 1983’s The Hunger
16. Blade, the Blade trilogy
17. Eli, 2008’s Let the Right One In
18. Countess Bathory, 1971’s Daughters of Darkness
19. Selene, the Underworld trilogy
20. Caleb and Mae, 1987’s Near Dark

RACHELLE LEFEVRE Victoria in Twilight (2008)
Maybe revenge is a dish best served hot. Victoria may be plotting against Bella and Edward (Edward killed her partner in vamp crime), but Lefevre makes villainhood seem pretty darn appealing. Too bad she's been replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard for the third Twi-flick, Eclipse.
ELISABETH REASER Esme in Twilight (2008)
We have a soft spot for hot moms, and Esme Cullen is way at the top of the list — sure, she's physically frozen in the body of a 26-year-old, which helps, but she's also devoted and thoughtful, and Reaser's easy warmth comes through despite the ostensible icy pallor.

"While Pattinson was off having a maybe-fling with his other co-star, Emille de Ravin, Stewart decided to get back together with her ex boyfriend, dashing Pattinson’s hope of a reunion. At least, according to the National Enquirer. I’m hoping that behind the scenes these two are quietly still together and will eventually get married and have supernatural babies.

According to Star Magazine, there might been an even more sinister twist to the Pattinson/Stewart love pentagon.
Kirsten Dunst is said to be trying to get her skinny thrift store claws on Edward, I mean Robert!
After all, Kirsten had her own taste of bloodsucking notoriety in 1994’s Interview with the Vampire!
[From Star Magazine, print edition, August 10, 2009]
Lestat de Lioncourt in Interview with the Vampire (1994)
If we ever had an occasion to publish the sentence ''Tom Cruise is endlessly sexy in this movie,'' this would be it. Lestat is a proper vampire who actually drinks human blood. Edward Cullen, take note".