(500) Days of Summer in Theatres!

"Costars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel premiere their latest movie (500) Days of Summer at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre late last month. The movie’s tagline? “Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love. Girl doesn’t.”
The clever, offbeat romantic comedy has been getting strong buzz from critics and has scored an impressive 88% on RottenTomatoes.
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Joe posted up this awesome video of the 500 Days of Summer cast guys hanging out over at HitRecord.org, so check that out too!

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Note from Weirdland:
I feel so nostalgic. All this story of not having been reciprocated in a love fling, so awfully familiar for some of us, lovelorn machines weirdos who have endured poor relationships maintenance. Anyway, it's good that the girl doesn't believe in love in a Hollywood film, my awareness towards the mainstream romantic genre gets activated by excessive female's unconditional fervor, usually misunderstood by these fearful to commitment guys who are too busy plucking their eyebrows or playing the hard to get prince. It's not the deal in "500 days of summer", and I hope its potential sad ending doesn't obscure the comedic/under the sheets highlights.

I remember when I used to post more often in Joe's Hitrecord forum and both got along having brainy discussions online about recording (Really good times!):
Joe: "That moment when you hit the REC button, when the tape starts rolling, or the camera clicks, or even when somebody writes something down, it always makes my heart beat a bit harder".

Me: "And we can suppose, only suppose, that sometimes that moment (the very existence of that moment) will be more significative than the final filmed result".

Joe: "True, sometimes the act of recording is even more significative (nice word) than the resultant record. This, of course, can go too far. Putting no significance in the future record (if that's possible) can occasionally result in something cool, but usually makes for a record hardly worth playing. Then again if significance only resides in the final filmed result, then whenever I'm filming, I'm losing that bit of life which makes me want to leave the camera in the bag. I tend to hope for a balance of both".
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Joseph sort of declared his love for me (lol, she called me "maestra" -master- and "loca chica" -crazy chick-, after these unexpected compliments, in a flawed spanish jargon he said to me "te quero").
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Joe also replied to my thread "Female Crushes" confessing his. Source: www.hitrecord.org