Jake, from handsome to Persian stud

"Stewart said that he was assured from the beginning by editor Nachie Castro that this book wouldn’t be a typical movie tie-in. “I asked Nachie, ‘Is this going to be micro-managed? Does every drawing have to look like Jake Gyllenhaal?’ He said no. One of things interesting is there are all these different artists with different interpretations. I think that’s cool, it’s going to make it very different than a typical movie tie-in.”McFarlane said that everything he’s seen from the movie so far leads him to believe “Prince of Persia” will be a blockbuster. “The movie is being produced by [Jerry] Bruckheimer. He’s moved from the ‘Pirates’ movies, he’s looking for something he can do multiple movies with. This is a big time movie, big time budget, big time effects,” McFarlane said. “Jake Gyllenhaal, for all you people who saw ‘300?’ He is in fantastic shape for this movie, for all the crazy stuff he has to perform in this movie. There’s super-heroics going on. My wife always liked him. She saw him [now,] he went from handsome to stud. I believe the divorce papers are being filed.”
Source: www.comicbookresources.com