Source Code is great solid sci-fi raw material

"The general reaction to this film , when it premiered at Austin’s SXSW film festival this week, was amazing. Not only did the audience applaud the film when it wrapped up, but it seems like Source Code is on everyone’s lips. I always appreciate fresh ideas when it comes to sci-fi movies. There’s a lot out there right now, less re-imagined and more re-hashed. Source Code is smart and new without relying too much on what has come before it.That being said, it does deal with quantum physics and parallel dimensions and all that great solid sci-fi raw material. Where it really excels though is in the well-written, smart script and the touching emotional aspects of the story. Source Code is one of those films that will keep you thinking long after you’ve left the theatre. It reminded me a little bit of 12 Monkeys as far time travel and predestination themes, but it came across as less bleak. Either way, the film is a real treat and is a must see". Source:

EW: Why was Duncan the right fit?

JG: What always scares me is people tend to lose character and a sense of “Why?” on a behavioral, human, psychological level when they’re dealing with something that can be entertaining. When you deal with something that is potentially commercial people just say “Oh, we’ll get to that later.” The movie was not anything I wanted to make unless it was with someone who was a real visionary. And humor too. Duncan has a great sense of humor—dirty and dark and great. I think the great thing about sci fi is there’s a little bit of a campy quality always. I don’t think anybody should take themselves too seriously in time continuum.
Jake Gyllenhaal smiling at "Source Code" SXSW Festival Premiere, 11th March, 2011, Austin, TX

EW: Did you stay to watch the movie?
JG: I did. My best friend lives in Austin and he came with his girlfriend. Literally he grabbed my leg at one point and then at another time, in that scene where I jump off the train, he was like “Oh my god, what the hell?!” I was like “Yes!” Source:

Pee-wee Herman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, March 12, 2011

"Only at SXSW will you see Jake Gyllenhaal and Pee-wee Herman teamed up. While attending the ongoing festival in Austin, the two recently paired up to create short videos explaining each other’s projects. Herman explains what Gyllenhaal’s new film Source Code is about, while Gyllenhaal attempts to explain what The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway is about. Pee-wee’s Broadway show will be airing on HBO Satuday, March 19th, while Source Code is set to hit theaters on April 1st". Source:

Jake Gyllenhaal kicked off the South by Southwest interactive festival with the premiere of his new movie Source Code in LA on Friday night. The actor chatted about the film and also teased a top-secret upcoming project (the new Bourne film, perhaps?), but an awkward run-in with a fan who tried to snap a picture of the star in the bathroom almost put a damper on the evening. Get the scoop on Jake's bad SXSW encounter! Source: