Jake Gyllenhaal and Duncan Jones "Source Code" interview in Austin

Jake Gyllenhaal arriving at a screening of 'Source Code' at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas on Friday, March 11, 2011

Duncan Jones and Jake Gyllenhaal - 'Source Code' Panel at The SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas

"More so than for any movie I've ever been involved in. Maybe the only movie that I've been involved in that I think something like this could work really well with and where a site really added to your experience was "Donnie Darko", where you participated after you saw the movie, you got clues from the movie in the site, and the game provides those same types of clues, and what they've done which I think is cool is open an opportunity after the movie opens when people are asking the types of questions that the movie poses to have somebody like Duncan and the producers of the movie, and the other people that made the movie, start to explore other avenues of story lines and things that come off of it, like where Coulter goes, where you could make him go. That's fascinating to me. To me, that's exactly why I wanted to make the movie, the fact that nothing works in a linear way, and there are tangents off of everything, tangents to reality and tangents to storytelling.

Do you see this as integral to storytelling going forward? I think it really depends on the movie. And to me, what frustrated me is when people use something as a marketing tool, not as a storytelling tool. And this is being used primarily as a storytelling tool. That was always what I thought was cool, was because of that, because people who come up with games based off of other ideas are storytellers, so it just depends on how cool the story is that they want to tell. And you know when you have somebody who's as talented as Duncan involved in that as well". Source: www.zdnetasia.com

While in Austin to promote their supernatural thriller 'Source Code', director Duncan Jones and dreamy star Jake Gyllenhaal sit down for a chat and check out the amazing Blackberry Playbook! The fellows discuss the pros and cons of modern technology! Hosted by Kinsey Schofield.