Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart updates

"In the clip, Taylor Lautner reveals that his character has a lot of action scenes. Dakota Fanning said it’ll be fun to play Jane again. The Wolf Pack actors said that Eclipse will be cold. Then Kristen Stewart reveals that her character Bella Swan starts to realize that she’s absolutely in love with Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), and it gets to be a big deal.Taylor chimes in and says that Jacob and Edward (Robert Pattinson) will be forced to join forces to protect Bella. Taylor said his favorite scene is the tent scene.Then, the Wolf Pack actors talked about their new member, Julia Jones who plays Leah Clearwater in the film. They said she would get annoyed by them teasing her all the time. Taylor caps it off by saying, It’s gonna be a great movie.” Source: ontheflix.com

Taylor Lautner - USA TODAY Photoshoot by Dan MacMedan, November 2009.

"New Moon" star Taylor Lautner, whose shirtless appeal as Jacob Black extends far beyond Forks, Washington and onto other continents. Lautner appeared last night on "The Tonight Show" and had plenty of funny stories to tell host Conan O'Brien. For instance, he talked about how he managed to develop the skill to catch grapes in his mouth (he credits co-star Stewart), which he also demonstrated for O'Brien and his studio audience. The star also joked about his constant shirtlessness in "New Moon." "There is a scene where [Kristen Stewart] gets a cut, and there's only one way to handle a serious cut like this, and its just to rip [my shirt] off!" he laughed. But all that shirt-doffing clearly worked for audiences, as "New Moon" took in over $142 million during its premiere weekend — good enough for the third-biggest opening of all time". Source: newsroom.mtv.com

Kristen Stewart and Eddie Redmayne as Martine and Gordy in "The Yellow Handkerchief". Stills by Celebutopia.net