"Breaking Down" inminent announcement

Would it be a good idea if David Cronenberg directed "Breaking Down"?or maybe Gus Van Sant, as Robert Pattinson suggested?

"Summit Entertainment looks forward to bringing 'Breaking Dawn' to the big screen but at this point any additional information is premature."More intriguingly, Summit made a deal with FX this week for the broadcast cable rights to all of the "Twilight Saga" films. The agreement called for four pictures.
Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart on the cover of "Entertainment Weekly"

Perhaps looking to get some more time in the limelight, minor franchise cast member Michael Welch told MTV he expects a go ahead for "Dawn" to be announced at any moment. Well, since you said so Michael we'll take a big sigh of relief".
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"The baby in Bella's belly starts growing incredibly fast. And it starts hurting Bella, as each kick it gives has the super strength of a vampire behind it. As it grows, Bella gets sicker, and then the good stuff starts. The baby kicks so hard it breaks Bella's ribs and then severs her spine. Are you imagining Kristen Stewart wearing a fake pregnancy belly and pretending to have been suddenly crippled by her own fetus? Because I am and it's making me laugh and laugh and laugh.Eventually the baby starts to get born and Bella is dying. The baby has telepathy, by the way, so everybody can read its thoughts while it's in the womb, and it turns out to have an essentially adult mind. Like Alia in Dune;In a moment that demands to be shown on the silver screen, Edward gives Bella an emergency C-section with his fucking teeth. It's like something out of XTro, for the love of God. It's so horrible it's brilliant, and this scene alone is why I remain firm in declaring that David Cronenberg must direct Breaking Dawn. This is surely his movie.Once the baby is out, Bella gets vamped by Edward, as she's about to die at any moment. Then comes the most astonishing turn of events in 21st century literature, and possibly in the entire history of awful fiction aimed at tweens: Jacob the werewolf, who has been madly in love with Bella, sees the new baby girl and immediately imprints on her. What this means, in layman's terms, is that he falls in love with the baby.The book makes no bones about this; while Jacob doesn't want to fuck the baby right off the bat, he can't stand to be away from it and visits everyday. His love has been transferred from Bella to the baby (who has the tongue shattering name Renesmee), and because of the science behind imprinting he'll love her forever. So one day he's going to stick his wolf dick in this girl that he see as a bloody newborn. Romance is not dead, it's just being abused by insane Mormon writers.I will not rest until I have seen a movie in which a werewolf falls in love with a baby. Hell, once I've seen a werewolf fall in love with a baby I may quit movie watching - I will have seen the ultimate culmination of a century of cinema. The entire film of Breaking Dawn would play like the weirdest exploitation film since Doris Wishman died - brutal sex, bizarre body horror, unbelievable pedophilia". Source: www.chud.com

According to a new video interview with Making Of, clearly conducted before New Moon was released to record breaking bank, producer Wyck Godfrey promises that a big screen adaptation of the series’ final volume will follow. “There’s every intention to make Breaking Dawn“, he simply states. Does it really need to get any more official than that? Source: www.slashfilm.com