Reese Witherspoon's Mad Libs Acceptance Speech! on Ellen's

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2009-03-27)
Reese Witherspoon's Mad Libs Acceptance Speech!

Reese is up for a Kids' Choice Award, but she tells
Ellen that she has a hard time coming up with
acceptance speeches. Ellen then thinks up the
perfect solution: The two will create an original
speech by playing a simple game of... Mad Libs!

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (2009-03-27)

"Reese Witherspoon finds "tough" being short.

The Legally Blonde star - who is reportedly engaged to boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal - says she's has had enough boobs, backs and armpits to last her three lifetimes.

And since playing a giant in her new movie, Monsters vs Aliens, Reese has started to hate the fact she only comes up to most other people's chests and has to deal with looking at boobs and armpits every day of her life.

She says, "It's still me at concerts or the supermarket, dealing with people's backs and their armpits and stuff.

"That's sort of the challenge of being 5 foot 2. It's tough."

Reese, 33, recently revealed that she had teamed up with Jim Brooks, Paul Rudd and Bill Murray for an as-yet untitled film about softball".